Kasumi Takamiya
Kasumi Takamiya
多華宮 霞
Takamiya Kasumi
Gender Female
  • Human
  • Witch
Occupation Student
Affiliation Tougetsu Junior High
Status Alive
Manga Witch Craft Works Chapter 6 (cameo)
Anime Witch Craft Works Episode 4

Kasumi Takamiya (多華宮 霞 Takamiya Kasumi?) is daughter of Komachi Takamiya and younger sister of Honoka Takamiya. She is a Workshop Witch. She is studying in Tougetsu Academy's girls middle school branch.


Kasumi is shorter than Honoka and has dark pink hair, using a hair band to keep her bangs out of her face. She usually wears casual clothes at home, but her uniform is the standard Tougetsu girls' uniform consisting of a white blouse with blue tie, green vest, and a green skirt.


Kasumi is extremely attached to Honoka, having a very acute (and possibly incestuous) brother complex. Her mother claims every other day Kasumi will jump into Honoka's bed or step into the bath with him, claiming it's her right as a little sister.

She gets jealous when Honoka gives attention to anyone besides her, especially Ayaka; whom she tries to pry him away from constantly. When she's finally accused of having a brother complex, she vehemently denies it, arguing that it is simply the nature of siblings to share such closeness from cradle to grave. She then comically stutters that she doesn't love her brother that way and that he's just her Future Husband, even specifying that they're going to build a happy home and be blessed with three 'darling children' (most of these details are from the manga).


Takamiya-kun and the Witches' IntroductionsEdit

Takamiya-kun and Medusa and EvermillionEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Where the anime is concerned, much of Kasumi's abilities remain undisclosed. However, she does utilize a massive, patch-work teddy bear whose size can be manipulated. Whether this is exclusive to the stuffed animal or not remains to be seen.

However, her own witch's cape has the word "Justice" (正義 Seigi?) written upon its' back. Suggesting that Kasumi is quite powerful. Other Workshop Witches, most notably Ayaka Kagari; do not dispute this matter. This suggests that Kasumi is one of the stronger Workshop Witches, and this is bore out by the fact of her victory over not one Tower Witch, but two; in the same attack, by members of the KMM Gang, Tower Witches.

It is mentioned in manga that she can only control stuffed animal that she has gotten from her brother Honoka. Ever since, she constantly pesters him to get more stuffed animals.


Honoka TakamiyaEdit

Kasumi loves her brother so much that she has huge brother complex and has decided to marry him and have up to three children (in her mind, a done deal, according to the manga). Prior to Ayaka's arrival to Takamiya residence she is constantly pestering him for various reasons. She joined workshop for the sole reason of protecting her brother.

Komachi TakamiyaEdit

Ayaka KagariEdit

Kasumi sees Ayaka as her enemy, who tries to snatch her brother away from Kasumi. She constantly tries to keep Ayaka away from her brother, and even attacked her on various occasions. All of them resulting in failure.

Rinon OtometachibanaEdit

She is the teacher of Kasumi as well as one of the Workshop Witches that protects Tougetsu city. 


Character Art DesignsEdit


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