Gender Female
Classification Witch
Affiliation Tower Witch
Status Alive

Miyuki Sawashiro

Anime Witch Craft Works Episode 5 (actual)
Medusa (メデューサ?) is the leader of KMM Gang, she is the youngest of the Gorgon sisters, very powerful Tower Witch that is after Honoka Takamiya for the white stuff inside of him that was later known as the White Princess Evermilon who was sealed inside of him for an unknown reason. It is also unknown why Medusa is after her but it is assumed that she wants to take the white princess' power for herself.


Medusa's torso and eyes remain hidden behind a straight jacket and a blindfold. Her hair resembles purple serpents and her teeth are sharp and jagged, much like the serpents she represents. Another, far larger serpent wraps around her body with several small yokai (possibly white kitsune) upon its back who play flutes in order to petrify foes while Medusa is hindered by the aforementioned straight jacket and blindfold.




Takamiya-kun and Ayaka's Deal with MedusaEdit

Medusa first appeared when she is still being 'sealed' somewhere in the world, just when two of the securities are laughing over her, she smiled and then the glass keeping her broke..

Then, in Babel, as Ayaka Kagari and Honoka reached certain floor, Medusa, who already used petrification on Ayaka's maids, greets them. Then Ayaka in hurry told Honoka to leave her behind and go to the twelfth floor, forcibly closed the elevator's gateway, and transform into her overdrive mode, but not too long after she transformed, Medusa used petrification on her. That moment, Honoka gets in, only to see Ayaka unable to fight any longer, then he used the pill that Chronoire gave, and summoned Evermillion, who finished Medusa (and destroyed Babel) in an instant. Later, Medusa tries to fight back, now with the returned and stronger Ayaka.

Secretly, as Medusa surrender to Ayaka, they make a deal that Medusa and the KMM Gang could live peacefully in her room at Takamiya Residence. Until one time, Kazane Kagari comes over and found the KMM Gang is in, knocking Komachi and Kasumi unconscious, then fights Ayaka, who later transformed as she made a contract with Medusa. But Kazane took her down so easily due to her impurity after contracting with Medusa, and that she isn't invincible anymore, and undo the contract.

Before the sun set, Kazane excitingly brought Medusa to interrogate her, but then two Workshop Witches from German, Lauren and Winne, took Medusa due to the higher's orders.

Takamiya-kun VS Weekend ArcEdit

Medusa appeared in the end of the arc, with businesswoman outfit and greets her underlings (except Tanpopo who was having a tact with Kasumi). Then when Evermillion used her power to recover the city, Medusa told the four, that it is the power she desired.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Petrification - Turning her enemies to stone (currently enacted by several white yokai).
  • Authority - High ranking tower witch in control of several lower ranking witches, including Tanpopo Kuraishi and her associates
  • Familiars - A large snake.

Character Art Designs and GalleryEdit


See Medusa/Image Gallery


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