Ofuku anime
Classification Witch
Status Alive
Manga Witch Craft Works Chapter 3
Anime Witch Craft Works Episode 2

Ofuku is Kazane Kagari's familiar.


Ofuku is Kazane Kagari's familiar and servant, she has an appearance of a chibi-like character with twin pig-tails, has two faces (one is the smiling normal face, the other is a purple face with teeth), she also wears a pink traditional kimono and usually sits on a floating cloud.


Being Kazane's familiar, she is always seen serving her tea whenever she makes an appearance, also unlike other familiars (made wheter by magic or spells), she is considered to be the only familiar that is created by inventing, as Kazane stated that she made a lot of prototypes before she existed.


Her two faces actually has two personality, the common face, shows kind, obedience, happy, and nice appearance and behavior, but if she switches to the purple face, her personality gets more sinister.

Character Art DesignsEdit