Tanpopo Kuraishi
Witch Craft Works - OP 00.53
倉石 たんぽぽ
Kuraishi Tanpopo
Gender Female
Classification Witch
Occupation Student
Status Alive

Shiori Izawa

Manga Witch Craft Works Chapter 1
Anime Witch Craft Works Episode 1

Tanpopo Kuraishi (倉石 たんぽぽ Kuraishi Tanpopo?) is one of the "Tower Witches" who transferred to Honoka Takamiya and Ayaka Kagari's high school, Tougetsu Academy.


She has dark blond hair and light brown eyes and wears a white cape along with a white hat with a rabbit motif.

However, she is not entirely Human, as she has real Cat Ears, being refered to as a "Furry" by Ayaka Kagari herself.


A Tower Witch. History Unknown.


Tanpopo Kuraishi has an incendiary temper; going from mild amusement to extreme rage in seconds (especially when beaten by a better witch).


She is first seen on checking Honoka Takamiya's locker. After that, she starts to attack Honoka anonymously. But she gets beaten by Ayaka Kagari. Next day she introduces herself to Honoka, and says that she came to get him dead or alive. Then she attacks Honoka which is stopped by Ayaka. Claiming that she was only testing her yesterday, she summons large number of fluffy animal toys and attacks her. But she easily gets defeated. Later she decides to transfer to Honoka's class with her four comrades.

Next day they get attacked by Ayaka Kagari and defeated by her. After some days, she and her gang again attacks Honoka and Ayaka; Ayaka proceeds to wipe the floor with the entire "KMM Gang", with Ayakas' signature "Wrath of God" event.


Kuraishi Tanpopo has few friends, but she does have a strong relationship as the casual head of the "KMM Gang" Tower Witches. They are often presented together, doing their usual mischief or playing karaoke.


Character Art DesignsEdit


See Tanpopo Kuraishi/Image Gallery



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