Takamiya-kun and the Witches’ Agenda
Witch Craft Works - 02 02.31
Takamiya-kun to Majo no Omowaku

Episode 2

Script Tsutomu Mizushima
Storyboard Kiyoko Sayama
Episode Director Daisuke Takashima
Animation Director Shigeki Kimoto
Original Air Date

January 12, 2014

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Takamiya-kun and the Witch of Flames Takamiya-kun and Chronoire's Trap
Takamiya-kun and the Witches’ Agenda (多華宮君と魔女達の思惑 Takamiya-kun to Majo no Omowaku?) is the second episode of the Witch Craft Works anime series.

After being confused all the time, Honoka Takamiya finally found the reason why he is being targeted: the "White-Colored That" inside his body. There, he decided to become Ayaka Kagari's apprentice. In other side, Chronoire Schwarz VI meets Kazane Kagari to inform about Honoka's "White-Colored That".

Full SummaryEdit


Powers and Abilities UsedEdit

  • Flame Explosion:
    • Ayaka Kagari
  • Heat Manipulation:
    • Ayaka Kagari
  • Solid Object Manipulation:
    • Mei Menowa
    • Chronoire Schwarz VI


Adapted FromEdit


See Witch Craft Works Episode 2/Image Gallery


Major EventsEdit

  • Honoka discovers the reason of his being targeted.
  • The Hoshiane Trio transfers to Tougetsu Academy.
  • Kazane Kagari and Chronoire Schwarz VI meets again after 130 years.

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