Takamiya-kun and the Mean Little Sister
Takamiya-kun to Ijiwaru na Imouto

Episode 4

Original Air Date

January 19, 2014

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Takamiya-kun and Chronoire's Trap Takamiya-kun and the Witch of Stone Eyes and Hands
Takamiya-kun and the Mean Little Sister (多華宮君といじわるな妹 Takamiya-kun to Ijiwaru na Imouto?) is the fourth episode of the Witch Craft Works anime series.

Honoka Takamiya is a normal student with literally abnormal family. One day, his little sister―Kasumi Takamiya―'interrogates' him for making a direct contact with the princess. Later, they get attacked by Tanpopo Kuraishi and Rin Kazari while Ayaka attacked by the rest in separate places. However, Ayaka and Kasumi managed to defeat them, and Ayaka decided to protect Honoka 24/7. In other side, Chronoire Schwarz VI has summoned the other 24 Tower Witches in Tougetsu City...

Full SummaryEdit


Powers and Abilities UsedEdit

  • Flame Explosion:
    • Ayaka Kagari


Adapted FromEdit


See Witch Craft Works Episode 4/Image Gallery


Major EventsEdit

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The concept of Chess game is implied in this episode.

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