Takamiya-kun and the Test of Love
Takamiya-kun to
Ai no Shiren

Episode 6

Original Air Date

February 9, 2014

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Takamiya-kun and the Witch of Stone Eyes and Stone Hands Takamiya-kun and the Noblesse Oblige

Takamiya-kun and the Test of Love (多華宮君と愛の試練 Takamiya-kun to Ai no Shiren?) is the fifth episode of the Witch Craft Works anime series.

Kyoichiro Mikage, warns Honoka Takamiya that unsealing Evermillion has made him more dangerous, and now that nobody could 100% assure a normal high school life to him. In other hand, the Princess―Ayaka Kagari now finally used her ultimate authority with removed all the Tougetsu High School Student Council members and made Honoka Takamiya as the president.

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